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Tagline: Where everyday people lend money to everyday people.
Head Office: Auckland, New Zealand
Key People:
Neil Roberts Founder & Joint CEO
Brad Hagstrom Joint CEO
Funding Received
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Category: Fintech Marketplace
Year Founded: 2012
Ownership: Private

Company description

Harmoney is a peer-to-peer lending platform that matches borrowers with investors. Harmoney operates by connecting individuals who want to borrow with individuals who want to invest. To list a personal loan in the marketplace, borrowers complete a 100% online application via Harmoney. Once approved, the borrower gets a personalised interest rate and then has an opportunity to tell their story; a chance to explain what they will use the money for. Harmoney gives investors the ability to diversify their investments over hundreds, even thousands of individual loans by splitting loans into $25 chunks.

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The Tech Pioneers report gives an in-depth look into those Australian and New Zealand companies that are taking advantage of technology and driving disruption and innovation. The report is a collaborative effort between H2 Ventures and Investec Australia

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About H2 Ventures

At H2 Ventures we are reinventing financial services for the retail consumer by bringing together and investing in talented entrepreneurs, forward thinking established financial services companies and other thought leaders in the world of finance.

We believe in a culture of empowerment, of possibility and experimentation, of learning from failure as we seek long-term outcomes, of focused action and honest critique, of collaboration and trust, and of organisational agility. Through H2 Ventures, we have created an organisational ecosystem that allows us to develop these cultures and to pursue our vision for the future of financial services.

Our goal is to foster an ecosystem of the startups, financial institutions, founders, engineers, executives, regulators, legislators, academics and thought-leaders that are seeking to participate in or to drive disruption in financial services.

We invest alongside entrepreneurs and other investors in early stage fintech ventures. We provide equity capital to support growing businesses that have the potential to become successful and substantial enterprises in the financial services industry. We have established the H2 Accelerator and our own foundry through which we bring together entrepreneurs, ideas and investors.

About Investec Australia

Investec Australia provides advice, capital and hedging products to High Net Worth, Corporate and Institutional clients; and invests in and manages real assets on behalf of third parties.

In Australia, we focus on our core areas of Aviation, Corporate & Acquisition Finance, Financial Markets, Infrastructure Finance & Investment, Resources, Corporate Advisory, Property and Asset Management. As a specialist provider we deliver local knowledge and expertise, backed by the strength of a global brand.

Investec Australia provides a gateway to the Investec Group, delivering clients global capability, products and solutions supported by a local team of experts who understand your business and are empowered to make decisions quickly.

We believe in long term, mutually beneficial relationships where we, as a trusted adviser, grow as our clients grow.

We live our brand — Out of the Ordinary — in all we do.

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